Who’s not familiar with Technical Dost? A well Known Indian YouTuber. One of few YouTubers who respects audience, the more words we speak, the less it would be. Today we’re going to know about the life story of Hitesh Kumar, urf. Technical Dost


Technical Dost YouTube Journey from Birth to 1Million

As the name suggests, Hitesh means “one who thinks well of everyone.” or “Lord of goodness.” Which can be clearly seen in our Friend Hitesh by the way he supports his audience in every way.  Our friend Hitesh is famous because of its funny Technical channel Technical Dost from where id this Journey begin?

Hitesh was born in a Middle class family at Delhi and he loved Music since he was small. His passion about music can be seen by his video itself. Technical Dost loved studying and also he loved to take part in extracurricular activities.

His YouTube journey didn’t started directly, before YouTube Hitesh used to take coaching classes, but yet he was not satisfied by the way of teaching. He was still passionate about Music. One of Hitesh’s friend suggested him to try YouTube and here the new journey began.

And on 11 July 2016 a new channel came into existence, our Loved Technical Dost. And Hitesh’s popularity can be seen by his Growth Rate itself. Within first Three months Hitesh completed 1000 Subscribers on YouTube and within first Nine Months on YouTube Hitesh completed 100,00 Subscribers.

Today Hitesh owns two Channels Freaky Desi and Technical Dost. On Freaky Dost Hitesh uploads Funny videos, Reactions, Mimiciris, and some Social Videos while on Technical Dost Hitesh uploads funny Technical videos.

The success of Hitesh can be seen by his name itself. Everyone on Internet knows TECHNICAL DOST and people are crazy for Hitesh Sir, Many YouTubers has been collaborated with Technical Dost. Hitesh’s love for small YouTuber can be seen by the way he never sees difference between small and big YouTuber and is always ready to Promote you free of cost.


A Quick overview of Hitesh Sir’s Channels

Technical Dost

Uploads – 479

Subscribers – 864K

Video Views – 53M

Channel Type –Tech

User-created – Jun 11th, 2016

Freaky Desi

Uploads – 28

Subscribers – 126K

Video views – 3M

Channel type – Comedy

User Created – Feb 12th, 2017


Arz kia hai, ki Mard se uski Kmai aur Mahilao s unki Umar kabhi na pucho Kmai aur Umar to maloom nhi padegi lekin Mard s chatta aur Mahilao s chappal Muft m zrur milega.


Most preloved Dialogue

  1. To aagye aap kaise ho?
  2. Haters krupya bhaad m jaay
  3. to kya hai mere aacha vichar
  4. phle tu hi horn bajale
  5. Arz Kiya hai ki XYZ phone hai bhai ke paas, hum toh thik hain par China wale bade nikhattu hain aur kya baat karein iski ? Iska Camera hi bada Tattu hai…

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