This is a Bullshit Samsung! Stop cheating on us Samsung | Learn from the Past


Samsung phones are getting more more and bullshit than before. Here i will recommend all readers to read till end, because this post must reach to Samsung. If Samsung doesn’t reads this post than soon Samsung will fall down in Smartphone industry as like HTC and Sony.

This is a Bullshit Samsung! Stop cheating on us Samsung | Learn from the Past

Excluding Samsung flagship phones like the S8, Midrange phones of Samsung are not Value for money products. Now samsung thinks they can boast of Samsung company’s name and sell phones. But for how long?

HTC and sony did the same and what happened? They fell down in huge numbers.

Samsung phones now offer mediatek processors and though expensive no one buys a htc or sony due to Samsung phones being terrible for the lag and heating issue and the camera quality being the worst. Samsung is going the same way downhill.

Samsung phones most of them look the same and hardly different in features. Just one different thing samsung offers is a AMOLED display which is now common also.

The display Resolution is not that good in Samsung Phones. It offers 720p Display on Amoled displays, Seriously?

The camera quality average and even at times grainy and greenish or a yellowish tint to the images taken. The camera of some phones are only good.

The display lacks crispness and the feel. The software is bloated with a 100 other samsung 3rd party apps which are useless.

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Samsung hardware isn’t the best out there which makes Samsung budget phones lag badly. And seriously why do they even make budget phones or mid rangers.

Only a fool nowdays would buy a Samsung unless he is going for a flagship like a note7 or a s7

Which by far are the best flagship phones made.

There are better phone companies that offer a higher value for money with the best specs out there.

And this is why Samsung once who topped the best phone’s list now is left behind by moto, xiaomi, Lenovo, oneplus and so on.

Here are few things which make Samsung device terrible :

  • Touchwiz : A system that Samsung use in their device is called Touchwiz,slightly modified version of Android. It is full of bloatwares ( Apps which are worthless and people never going to use them although they cant delete them and stop them from running in background ) make samsung device slow like hell.
  • Copied Apps : Samsung’s developer make just copy of Google each and every aspect, Google have virtual assistant, Samsung made Bixby( Galaxy S8) , Google have play store, Samsung made galaxy store. Google have android, Samsung made Tizen ( Virtually same as touchwiz ) . Do we need this ? Not at all ! We just want device which can support Android flawlessly. Samsung could have make a device like nexus, Motorola, just the stock android nothing much fashionable. Simple and fast,rather than making such mess of apps.
  • Restriction : Touchwiz is more restrictive, you can’t simply delete apps that you don’t use and even you can’t deactivate them. You are always have to go with the system provided by them.
  • Partiality : Any device samsung made have two to three different models with different processors, and component. The devics with high performing parts are shipped to The US and European Countries. And cheaper model are forced to sell in the developing country like India, South Africa, and Asian countries. This is why some part of the continent have never seen best processing device that samsung had made. I precisely remember that my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in India had shipped with Exynos ( Samsung’s own processor ) while the same model in the US , is shipped with Snapdragon processor !! Why this partiality ?!
  • Use of low quality equipment : Samsung mobile devices are shipped with plastic back panels, cheap coated metal round the edge of front panel to make it look like premium but it worn out in just 4 to 5 months and make device ugly to look upon. Whynot to use real metal instead of Coated metal ? This make samsung device more disgusting.

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Here are some points in which you feel good with other non branded device :

  • Software : This device are running on stock android, which has less bugs than Touchwiz.
  • Part Quality : The quality, which these non branded company uses are far superior than Samsung’s device which is in the same price tag.
  • Latest Technology : Almost all the new device are offering latest technology, which samsung lags in this price range.
  • Latest trends : Some non branded company follow Apple, and make device which look like and feel like Apple’s iPhone, such as Oppo, Vivo, Mi. These companies know where the trend is going. What kind of things are desired by common man. Like whole aluminium body, dark or black coloured device, Fingerprint Sensor, Fast charging, higher MP camera, Wireless charging , NFC etc.

Reasons why Samsung device are so famous after all such points :

  • Seen Everywhere : It is normal human psychology that what we see, we believe, we see lots of samsung device around us hence buy one of them as we feel secured that this have something which people trust, kind of thing.
  • Customer care : After Apple, i believe there is only one company who support their customer and solve their issue. Samsung have many customer care center around world. non branded companies don’t have such center, and people want to be in the safe side if something goes wrong ! Pretty obvious !
  • Trust : Normal people don’t have idea about what is in the device, they just want a device which can perform some task, and can be reliable, so they just go to the shop and ask for samsung, as we ask for colgate for toothpaste, Vicks for balm !

Most of the time people don’t care about what is being offered to them, they are just interested in the information like 6 GB ram, QHD display, 3500 mAh battery, 21 MP camera ! This is just a numbers through which you can be tricked so easily, like 6GB DDR2 ram ( quite obsolete now, as we have DDR4 and 5 rams around us ) , 21MP camera with f/2.2 , but from chinese company and 12 Mp camera from Song with Optical image stabilization and f/ 1.8 aperture ! This makes difference in the image quality. Samsung make gorgeous device like s8 and s8 plus,but quality comes with price, as Apple device are costly, but they provide such quality that people are forced to but them because you can’t compete with the best ! And people want the best ! Sweet as simple .

This is why we end up getting outdated device, quality. So just do some research and buy something .

Thanks to Herat Joshi from Quora

Don’t believe Team TechnoTalky, let’s have a look at Samsung’s latest phone J2 Core.

Specifications of J2 Core

Source: 91mobiles


The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is a nice smartphone which comes with a decent processor. In addition the quality of the lenses are acceptable due to its price tag. You can also capture images at night or low light conditions as both the lenses are accompanied by an LED flash. However, a better battery backup would have made it a perfect option to go for.

The decent performer
Display and Configuration
The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core flaunts 5-inch TFT display which exhibits a screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. The smartphone is powered by a Cortex A53 quad-core processor which has a clock speed of 1.4GHz. The processor is coupled with a 1GB RAM and a Mali-T720 MP1 GPU. The entire configuration is seated on a Samsung Exynos 7 Quad 7570 chipset.
Battery and Connectivity
The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core gets its required power from a 2,600mAh Li-ion battery which is not enough to deliver enough amount of backup. The device offers a wide range of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, 4G with VoLTE, Bluetooth, GPS, and microUSB.
Camera and Storage
The Samsung Galaxy J2 Core is armed with an 8MP primary camera which provides a decent performance while capturing images. Moreover, a 5MP front camera is available at the front for clicking selfies. Both the cameras are accompanied by an LED flash which assists at low light conditions. The smartphone houses an 8GB inbuilt storage which can be expanded up to 128GB by using a memory card.
source: 91mobiles
Here, on galaxy core 2, Samsung offers a GB of Ram and 8GB of Storage, where Samsung is one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of RAM and Storage devices. On the same price range at 7,000 In-focus offers 2GB  of RAM and 16GB of Internal storage. The worst thing i saw on Galaxy core 2 is, that Samsung offers you 8GB of storage out of which only 3-4GB is very less and fill-up soon. The device starts lagging o first use itself. I dont think it’s actually a value for money. Samsung must look on it. There are various phones of Samsung which are overpriced, mostly J series of Samsung.
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