PUBG 0.8.0 Beta version Global Version Direct Download

Please read the complete post before going further or else game might not run on your device

PUBG 0.8.0 Beta version


PUBG Fans are eagerly waiting for the new PUBG Update 0.8.0 where users can play new map, new items and many more. Finally, the new Update is out. Let’s see how to Download PUBG 0.8.0 Global Version Beta.

PUBG 0.8.0 Beta version Global Version Download

Note: This is a Beta version, it may include bugs, please support developers and Report bugs to them.

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Before going for Download link, let’s see what we get in this new update!

  1. New weapon – QBZ (looks like groza which uses 5.56 ammo)
  2. Customisable crosshairs for each weapon (the plus sign crosshair, the “T” crosshair, the ” ^ ” crosshair and one with just a dot)
  3. New map Sanhok
  4. Sanhok map background in the main menu
  5. New throwable – Apple (dafaq is this seriously)
  6. FPP even when inside a vehicle
  7. Improved graphics

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How To Download PUBG 0.8.0

Note:- Please read the complete post or else the game might not run in your device!

Download from here

Download PUBG 0.8.0 Android/iOS

  1. Download PUBG 0.8.0 from the official Link by clicking the button above. (Android users must delete their old version in order to play Beta)
  2. Install the Application on your Device and run it as usually.
  3. We recommend to Run with a New account,or else old account might get corrupted.
  4. Now Download Hola VPN from Playstore.
  5. Start HOLA VPN and select USA or Thailand server before starting the Game
  6. Now you are Done you can Play new PUBG 0.8.0 Update.
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Some Notices from Officials

  1. Data from the beta build will not affect the live version. (Still Team TechnoTalky recommend to create a new account)
  2. To report a bug; click the button on the bottom right corner in the lobby.
  3. For logging in please select the guest option, as other options are currently not available.


And last, Team TechnoTalky doesn’t take any official responsibility for any bugs found.

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below!

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