Poco F1 Or Realme 2? Which Is Better?

Poco F1



In Reference To The Past Phones By The Company

Poco f1 And Realme Are Two Sub-Brands By Xiaomi And Oppo Respectively. Xiaomi Is And Was The Best Budget Smartphone Company With Flagship Features, It Is The So Called Flagship-Killer. Redmi Note 5 Pro Could Be The Best Example.

Oppo’s Past Was Not Good, But Now The Phones Are Well Designed And Also They Offer Good Processors. Oppo F9 Is The Best But Not A Budget Kinda Phone.

So Here We Can Say Poco Or Xiaomi Wins!

Price And Features

Poco F1 Starts From 20,999. The Processor Is Snapdragon 845 Which Is The Best One At This Price Point, Smooth PUBG Matches Can Be Played (Most Wanted Feature Though). The Battery Of 4000 mAh Which Approximately Stands For A Day Or Even More. Finally, The Camera, Yep It’s A Dual Camera And Also With A AI Sensor Placed In It, It Means You Can Have A Great Portrait Mode Photo Under Any Conditions. They Say It’s The Master Of Speed.

Realme 2 Comes With A Downgraded Processor As Compared To Realme 1. But Realme Says That Realme 2 Pro Will be Realme 1’s Successor. It’s Price Says It All, It Costs About 10,990 With A Superb Camera,Dual Camera Rather. With A Battery Life Of 4230 mAh It Stays Up From Approximately 2 Days Taking The Processor Into Consideration. It Gives You Triple Sim+Memory Card Slot, That Is You Can Enjoy 2 Sim Cards With A Memory Card Too!

Look And Feel

Poco F1 Comes With A Plastic Body, The Armoured Edition Comes With A Hard Back-Panel With A Design. It’s 6.2 Inches In Size Not Too Big To Hold In Your Hands.

Realme 2 Comes With The Same design As In The Realme 1 The Diamond Back Hasn’t Changed. There’s An Awesome Sleek Notch On The Screen Of 6.3 Inches, Again It’s Not Too Large.


This Comparison Is Not Fair Because The Price Point Defers But As These Both Brands Are Newly Launched More Enhancement Will Be Seen In The Future. The Winner Of This Comparison  Is Realme 2 Because It Has Almost All The Flagship Feature And It’s Cheaper And More Beautiful At The Same Time. So It Could Be A Better Investment Instead Of Poco F1.


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  1. I totally agree that Xiaomi is indeed a flagship killer, not only in the smartphone sector, but in smart tv and other consumer appliances too in contrast to Oppo which is just doing just fine – as proven by the flash sale on amazon and flipkart. But when it comes to this comparison, I believe you are right, Realme 2 is a better option considering the fact that most of people would prefer to invest low for such similar specs. Thanks for sharing the review.

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