Are MediaTek Processors bad? Why MediaTek is bad? MDTK6737? MediaTek vs Snapdragon


is one of the well-known Chinese company which manufacturers processors for phones, HDTV, BluRay, etc. But are MediaTek processors bad? Let’s find out and compare MediaTek with other Snapdragon.

Are MediaTek processors bad? MediaTek 6737? MediaTek vs Snapdragon?


MediaTek is a Chinese company based in Taiwan, and the company has  more than 25 offices all over the world. MediaTek processor comes with more than 40% of phones which is a big percentage in the processors field.  but why do we oftenly hear that it is not good processor? So read this post till end and you will find out why?

MediaTek processors are not as bad as often we hear.  MediaTek processor can easily competete the latest processors of Exynos and Snapdragon. But here, the caused by which the companies names goes down is not only because of the company but also because of mobile manufacturers, so let’s go in deep and find out.

How mobile companies downgrade MediaTek status.

Many of the phones come with MediaTek processors but the problem here is that many phone use the expired version of processors of MediaTek that is MediaTek 6737 or any other processor and price it at very high then the average like $150 or above. MediaTek processors are really good but the price at which they are sold is really high and that’s why many people say that MediaTek processors are bad. Companies mainly go for this processor because it is at low price and has high compatibility with many features like voLTE or 16 megapixel camera Fingerprint sensor, face unlock and many more.

How MediaTek downgrade their status.

All MediaTek processors are fully compatible and that is a good feature of MediaTek processors even its expired possesses support 4G.  But company still has not made any processor for mid range phone which costs between $150 to $250 and that’s why most companies go for outdated versions of MediaTek or Snapdragon.

Suggestion for MediaTek

MediaTek must develop processors especially for mid range phones that comes  between $150 to $250 so that again many company can prefer MediaTek latest processors for the mid range phones and also MediaTek must care to have a look against the heating issues on their processors to gain back there downgrading status.

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MediaTek vs Snapdragon

This comparison is taken from tekz24, click here for complete review

Now the comparison is of Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 vs. MediaTek Helio X25, And for making this comparison easy, we are considering the following devices- LeEco Le 2 Pro vs. LeEco Le 2(Indian version). Snapdragon 652 is an Octa-Core processor whereas Helio X25 is a Deca-Core processor. If we compare them in the raw performance then Helio X25 has a slight edge over the Snapdragon 652, Helio X25 scores 91000 in Antutu whereas Snapdragon 652 scores around 82000. Snapdragon 652 has a combination of 4 x Cortex A72 cores with 4 x Cortex A53 cores while Helio X25 has 2 x Cortex A72 cores with 8 x Cortex A53 cores. When it comes to real-time usage both processors are more than sufficient and can handle heavy multi-tasks easily but as we all know there is a better development for Snapdragon processors, so there are more custom things available to flash but in MediaTek chipsets the future development is not that good, but in raw performance Helio X25 has a slight edge which we can’t ignore.

This comparison is taken from tekz24, click here for complete review


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