GTA 5 Biggest Easter Egg


There’s An Alternate Ending To GTA 5


Theres An Alternate Ending To GTA 5

GTA 5 is one of the amazing & craziest games of Rockstar which has became one of the the highest selling entertainment products. It has also broke the record of the Avengers selling products.

As we all know that Rockstar never stands back in putting Easter eggs in his games. It has put Easter eggs in GTA 5 as well .Many of Easter eggs have been found too. For Example: Mount Chilliad Mural, Infinite 8 killer, etc. But this Easter egg which I am going to Explain you today have been under our noses for like 5 Years or something. For like 1777 days. I can’t wait to share it with you guys.


And the Easter egg is that Rockstar tells us to do Campaign in a Proper way. Now! you may be thinking how the hell do you do Campaign in proper way. I’ll just explain you. To start things off let me show you the clip so that you can have a idea about it.

YES, It’s Franklin when he is in his own mind zone  after having a hit from bong & gibberishing all things like I want to ba a A not a B an everything like that. It represents about heists. Always in heists there are two options for us to select and we have to select the right one.

The jewel store job:

Option A: Loud There’s a huge red X behind Micheal

The Merryweather Heist:

Option B: There are two red pipes Intersecting each other forming an X and it’s right at the location where the GPS tells you to go in water and its right on the screen like you can’t ignore it.

The paleuto score:

The Xero Petrol pump the other X. [Strangely though, if player destroys Xero gas station across the street, the destruction of gas station won’t be there in free roam mode. The gas station will be back to normal as if it hasn’t been destroyed.]


The Bereau raid:

Option B: Rooftop in this there’s a big red X on the side of a Jerry Can and once again it’s right front of screen like you cant ignore it.

The Big Score:

Option B: Obvious and its Obvious you can literally see red X on the radio tower.

Rockstar games remind you to make right decisions if you look to tiny –tiny poins you will see charecters remind you about this.

Watch this clip:

Once you have done this you have to find the final X and that’s the bravado buffalo. Not the ordinary one, It’s the one you win in one of the dirt track reces located near the trevor’s Airfirld. you have to do a dirt race which has located righ over here  to get this car and you can see there’s a red X on the Sprunk Extreme and 68 and if you don’t know you can complete campaign in 68 mission if you skip any micheal family mission Something sensible.


If you go up and down on root 68 there something really special gonna happen In my opinion

And also if you go over this location it will say

“For when the great scorer comes to right against your name he marks not that he won but how he played the game “

Everyone knew it but none can translate it, maybe it’s related to this!

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