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Fortnite was one of the trending game on all of the platforms except Android. But now, when It released on Android the game now is going towards failure. Today we are going to see some reasons why Fortnite will be a failure soon, so keep reading.

Fortnite is going to be a big failure on Android platforms: Predictions by TechnoTalky

Wrong Strategy

Fortnite came into known when it was released for IOS. Before the launch on IOS the game was not that well known to everyone. Today still Android users are larger than iOS users. Fortnite first came to XBOX and PS4 and later on Windows and iOS, but for android, Fortnite is going on a wrong way. Most people use Android as personal device and Windows and MacBook for Office usage. So, do you think people will play on office devices rather than personal?

While launching on Android platforms, Fortnite is doing a biggest partiality, Fortnite was launched only for Samsung Premium phones, do you think everyone can afford a phone worth $1000?  Okay, Fortnite is yet to launch on midrange phones and yet everyone is pending for invitation. How long people will wait? Instead they would prefer not to play.

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Not Using Perfect Hype

When we took a look on Google Trends with keywords like Fortnite Mobile, Fortnite Android and PUBG, etc. We found out that Fortnite was 10 times more popular than compared to PUBG, PUBG Mobile altogether.

And in the graph it’s clearly seen that after Epic Games announced Fortnite game will be limited only to few device, the graph is going downwards. Fortnite, why are you planning for a failure? Launch it soon!

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite

Again, PUBG is one of the biggest competitor of Fortnite, and Tencent games was knowing that once Fortnite will launch, there are chances that people will stop playing PUBG Mobile and will move towards Fortnite, so for backup they launched PUBG lite to gather more users, but Fortnite has some other plan itself. PUBG made many new records within first 6Months after it was launched on Android platform, so why Fortnite is worrying for? Epic games, we suggest that if soon you don’t launch on all platforms, it might cause a problem for yourself.

Not Launching on Play Store.

Play store is one of the most trusted platform for all Android users, but yet we don’t understand why Epic Games is not launching Fortnite on Play Store. Epic Games is worry about its 30% Commission, but they are not seeing that if they launch it on play store, they will directly and indirectly lead many competitors.

Google Chromes download speed is not that good, and again you are asking players to download it from outside the play store? How can users trust you for their Credit/Debit/Payment cards information? Instead of such a long procedure, invitation, etc. users can directly Download PUBG and other multiplayer games from Play Store.

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Launching very Late

Epic Games is trying to create a Hype for android users by launching games on a few devices itself, but the strategy is going wrong. Before many YouTubers were talking about Fortnite, Fortnite, Fortnite, bla blabla… But now everyone know’s Fortnite is not valuing their popularity so what YouTubers are doing.

Opinions by Team TechnoTalky

We don’t know that is it a business strategy or something else, but soon if everything goes same, the craze for Fortnite will go down rapidly. If any YouTubers are reading this post, I request all youtubers to make a video on this so Fortnite can come to know about this.

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