Earn Money by Winning PUBG Matches: Winner Winner Money Dinner


PUBG is one of the most trending game currently available on various platforms. The Trend of PUBG can be seen by its 50M downloads and Millions joining every day. The Game is so trending that teenagers are spending 1/3rd of their time by Playing PUBG. So why don’t we earn by playing PUBG, Let’s Earn. To know more keep Reading.

There are various Instagram and Twitter profiles available on Internet which organise PUBG competitions. Not all of them are Trusted but we are going to mention some trusted one’s below. Before let’s see why and how we can earn money and how they get profit from it.

  1. You have to Participate in the Competition by paying some amount like 25-50cents per match.
  2. The Competition Organiser will give you Date and Time of the Match.
  3. The Match Organiser will send you Room Details and password 15-30 minutes via E-Mail and Instagram.
  4. Once All the Members Joined the Room the Match will start and the prize will be distributed as per T&C according to the organiser.

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Rules and Regulations:-

  1. No Emulators are allowed until specified.
  2. No teaming up while playing SOLO matches.
  3. Never Share your Room ID Password with anyone
  4. In Duo and Squad team up with only your Members.
  5. Don’t use any Bots/Mods on Match.
  6. Join with the username you’ve registered before Joining the room, or else you may be kicked.

How organizers earn profit and How to Participate and win?

There are 100 Players in a Room, if one entry costs 50cents, 50*100=5000 which means organiser gets $ 50 in hand, now he’ll keep prizes according to him and will create a room from that money too.

How to Participate:-

You can message their profiles online via Instagram and then you can pay them via PayTm

How will you be rewarded?

The match organiser will message you and will pay you via PayTm

How trustful is this?

We can take guarantee only for Profiles we are mentioning below, for other profiles we don’t take any guarantee.


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